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Peak Productivity: Work Smarter & Get More Done In Less Time

Jari Roomer
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If you want to... 

✅ Eliminate procrastination from your life

✅ End the workday with a completed to-do list

✅ Be in full control over your time, energy & attention

✅ And finish important projects in a fraction of the time


Over the past five years, I've studied the most effective entrepreneurs, authors, CEOs, philosophers, and scientists from past and present - and combined their smartest and most effective productivity habits. 🧠

The result is Peak Productivity, a proven framework for becoming a peak performer and cultivating high-impact productivity routines, habits, and tools to ensure that you get more done in less time (without burning out).

Here's exactly what we'll cover in Peak Productivity:

🎯 Chapter 1: The Foundation of Peak Productivity

  • How To Work With Clarity & Purpose
  • Know When To Set Outcome-Based Goals vs. Effort-Based Goals
  • The 3-Step Goal-Setting System To Achieve Your Biggest Goals

📈 Chapter 2: Prioritizing High-Impact Tasks

  • Cut Through The Clutter: Be Less Busy, But More Effective
  • How The E.D.A.B Method Saves You 10-20 Hours Per Week
  • Master The 80/20 Principle
  • How Steve Jobs, Elon Musk & Warren Buffett Prioritize Effectively

📅 Chapter 3: The Daily Action Plan

  • Why 'Lack of Time' Is a Big Fat Lie
  • Why You Shouldn't Use a To-Do List (And What To Use Instead)
  • How a 'Daily Action Plan' Helps You Get More Done In 1 Day Than Most People Do In 1 Week
  • Discover The Most Productive Hours of The Day (According To Science)

💪 Chapter 4: Eliminating Procrastination

  • The 4 Reasons Why We Procrastinate (And How To Eliminate Them)
  • How To Go From Couch Potato To Action Taker
  • The Million-Dollar Morning Routine To Win The Day
  • How To Stop Letting Instant-Gratification Ruin Your Life

🚀 Chapter 5: Hacking The Flow State - Boost Productivity By 400%

  • The Step-by-Step 'Flow State Formula' To Get 3-4 Hours of Deep, Focused Work Per Day
  • How To Stop Getting Distracted By Social Media & Your Smartphone
  • How To Boost Your Cognitive Performance & Upgrade Your Brainpower

This book won't magically make you more productive - you still need to put in the work to get things done - but it provides you with the clarity, tools, and routines to work smarter and get far better results in just a fraction of the time.

Dozens of Visuals Included:

After reading Peak Productivity, here's exactly what you'll be able to do:

✅ Eliminate procrastination from your life

✅ Work smarter (so you save 10-20 hours per week)

✅ Live a life of focus and clarity

✅ Get 3-4 hours of deep work/flow state per day

✅ Protect time for what matters most to you

✅ Get more done in less time

What Other People Said:

"His honesty and directness will kick you in the butt when it's needed and will get you out of your chair and start doing things!"

- Natasja Wagemakers

“Your book refreshed my motivation. Your ideas reinforced my confidence in what I am pursuing and I am full of energy and eager to tackle my objectives.”

- Alberto Cevallos

"If you're eager to learn new things about how to be more effective, productive, and how to achieve your goals, Jari is the voice to listen to."

- Jordy van Bennekom

“I've been implementing these ideas and I can immediately see the impact on my productivity.”

- Kareem Elsayed

"Getting better results in less time is what every entrepreneur is dreaming of, and Jari is exactly the kind of person that can make this a reality. He took my productivity to a completely new level."

- Philip Hofmacher

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Peak Productivity: Work Smarter & Get More Done In Less Time

9 ratings
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